‘Friends’ Characters’ Coffee Consumption

Do you remember ‘Friends? If you’re over 30 – or watch the endless reruns – you must have seen at least a few episodes of this successful show, featuring a bunch of New Yorkers that never seemed to be working and – instead – hung out in the local coffee shop, consuming what appeared to be endless amounts of caffeine. But how much coffee did Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross drink in Central Perk?

Apparently, someone sat down to do the math.

Writer Kit Lovelace actually tracked every single cup of coffee consumed throughout the show’s 236 episodes. He even counted empty cups. Then, this guy (which we can only assume has way too much free time on his hands) did what we all love to do with data – displayed it on a nice chart, and was even kind enough to share it on Twitter.

You think that’s the end of it? As any trader who uses charts will tell you, there are plenty of things you can do with data once it’s charted and Lovelace went on to do a season-by-season analysis on how the characters’ coffee habits changes, how much money they each spent and even how much tip they left.

Now we know, all this is no more than a good laugh, but it is interesting to point out that coffee’s importance hasn’t dulled much in the years that passed since the show last aired and it’s still a common refreshment over which people meet, interact and – especially on Mondays – manage to get out of bed.

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