Japan Might Be Going to the Polls Next Month

PM Abe Enjoys Growing Public Support


Could Japan be heading to the polls next month? According to various reports, PM Abe could be calling a snap general election as soon as October, and the rumors even name an actual date – the 29th.

What’s the rush, you ask? Well, it’s likely that Abe wants to take advantage of the recent rise in public support. After his party faced a major decline in confidence following accusations of corruption and scandals. Now, as recent polls suggest that the Japanese public responds well to Abe’s handling of the crisis with North Korea, it could be the PM’s chance to make a move.

This is especially true since his main opponent – the Democratic Party – is not doing so well.

The reports in local media also suggest that Abe will make a final decision after further discussions with government and senior Liberal Democratic Party officials. When will we know for sure? Some people assess that if the PM decides to act, he will announce the election when the country’s parliament reopens on September 28th.

Is Abe making a sure bet? Some people in his own government still consider the move a gamble. Currently, the coalition enjoys a two-thirds majority and any decrease in power could have a major impact on the decision making process.

Will we see a general election in Japan next month? If so, this could impact the price of the Japanese Yen, Japanese shares, Japanese indices and a wide variety of other instruments. Keep following the news – and us. We’ll keep you  posted.



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