Consumer Consumption of Beer Index

Drinks and Global Economy

Could there be a relation between beer consumption and the state of global economy? Some people think there is. According to a certain theory called the Consumer Consumption of Beer Index, when the economic situation becomes tough, people give up going to the pub after work. The index doesn’t actually measure how much beer people drink – but how much they drink in pubs and restaurants and there are some historic indications that when the goings gets tough, pub sales and jobs drop.

For example, between 2008 and 2010, beer industry employment decreased 12%. It is interesting to note that in Europe, over 70% of jobs related to the beer industry are not in breweries, but rather in restaurants and bars. At the same period, other employment across Europe decreased by only 2%.

Does this mean that beer sales can offer information regarding the economy? This is just a theory, and we certainly wouldn’t use this as the soul indicator. However, it is interesting to see how many indicators are out there – some strange and some make perfect sense.

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