The French Election Could be Quite Dramatic

Even More Scandalous than the US


It looks like most news sites haven’t yet recovered from the US election and its aftermath, but there are already more elections around the corner – and some people claim they can be even more sensational. Yes, we’re talking about the French elections, now only three months away. Anyone who keeps tab can tell you that the race is already getting dirty – full of accusations and dramas.

For starters, all of three front-runners — Emmanuel Macron (independent center-left), Francois Fillon (center-right) and Marine Le Pen (nationalist populist) — have been accused of financial misconduct.

Only last week, Fillon decided to remain in the race even though details about $1 million he paid to family members out of his parliamentary budget were reported daily in the media. According to claims, this money was paid for services that were never received. Le Pen faces many accusations, one of which is that she payed fake parliamentary aides in Brussels. In France too, she is accused of financial misconduct relating to campaigns funding.

Meanwhile, a new book accused Macron of using ministry funds to launch his presidential campaign. Other vicious rumors have been leaked regarding his personal life.

Are the French voters surprised by the nature of the election? Hardly. In France, political scandals are so common that voters almost expect them. According to a recent survey, around 54% of French voters believe that their country’s elite is mostly corrupt. Around 75% feel the same about the president, the national government and the local and European legislators.

It’s not unlikely we’ll see more accusations against the candidates in the few months left until the election. Will any of this impact the results? Only time will tell.



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