Tesla to Take Orders for Solar Roof Panels on April

It Has to Be True, Elon Musk Twitted It

We have big news to share today: If you wanted to get your roof covered with Tesla’s solar panels, you’re in luck. The company will begin taking orders for the panels next month. As per usual, we’ve received the news from Elon Musk’s Twitter account because, well, it seems to be a leading choice to spread important (as well as not-so-important) information nowadays.

Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer tweeted the information on Friday, in response to a question. According to estimations, production could begin by July 2017.

The solar tiles were introduced on October 2016 and while no one knows the price yet (well, Musk probably does, but for now, at least, he’s not telling), but last year he said that the new product will be cheaper than manufacturing and installing a regular roof. And that’s even before saving in electricity bills. Will that statement prove to be true? Not necessarily.

Oh, and if you imagine big ugly panels, think again. These cutting-edge tiles are invisible from the street, essentially integrated into the roof of the house. The roof tiles will be available in four styles: Smooth glass, Tuscan glass, textured glass and slate glass.

Just a few days following the introduction of the solar panels, Tesla voted on buying SolarCity – a solar power company.

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