The iFOREX Group is a leading financial service provider specializing in CFD trading. With over 20 years’ experience, this broker has built a reputation as a true market leader and it now offers services to a large number of clients in over 20 languages all over the world. It allows anyone with an internet connection to invest in over 200 tradable instruments online and offers excellent trading conditions and a wide varieties of benefits. Want to know more? Take a look below at the full iFOREX review.


Tradable instruments, site platforms

iFOREX allows investors to trade over 200 CFD instruments from many different markets, allowing for portfolio diversification. Examples include:

  • Leading shares such as Google, Apple or Volkswagen
  • Popular commodities such as oil, gold or coffee
  • Currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY or GBP/USD
  • Leading indices such as the US 30 (which is based on the performance of the Dow Jones Future index) or the Germany 30 (which is based on the performance of the DAX Future index)

Site platforms, Education and information

iFOREX enables traders to invest via several advanced trading platforms. The platforms are all very user-friendly and suitable for all levels of traders. These platforms have been developed exclusively by the company and can be used side-by-side, or as a standalone, in accordance with your preferences.

Web platform – The iFOREX web platform requires no download, making it a top choice for people who have security systems installed on their computers. It allows traders to instantly access their accounts from different computers and includes a large choice of trading tools and features for users’ convenience.

FXnet – The innovative FXnet is a downloadable platform, which was exclusively developed in-house by iFOREX. It was designed to address the needs of modern traders and it can be easily customized to address your specific style of trading. This platform is useful to more experienced traders who manage multiple deals and it comes equipped with the most advanced features and trading tools available.

Mobile – Dynamic investors need an innovative platform and the iFOREX mobile platform with its unique app is the essence of trading on the go. Global markets operate around the clock, so traders need a quick and easy way to stay on top of their open deals. The mobile platform allows them to trade anytime and anywhere they choose, using a variety of gestures, such as opening a deal with a single tap. The apps for Android or iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Site features:

  • Free 1-on-1 training with a trading coach
  • Legally binding Negative Balance Protection ensures clients’ accounts can never go into minus
  • Leverage trading enables traders to open large deals with a relatively small investment
  • Excellent trading conditions
  • Educational resources including video tutorials and PDF guides
  • Daily market news and analysis
  • A wide selection of trading tools
  • Hedging abilities
  • Market orders such as stop loss and take profit
  • Excellent customer support in multiple languages


Education and information

iFOREX places great importance on knowledge, for both new and seasoned traders. The site recently expanded its education center and it now offers a huge choice of video tutorials, PDF guides and an abundance of trading resources. Traders can also benefit from daily information, supplied by 3rd parties, in the site’s news and analysis section, which includes video analysis, news articles, breaking news and an array of additional materials, all designed to offer market updates on major instruments.


With over two decades of experience and an excellent reputation for transparency and reliability, iFOREX remains a leading name in the online trading industry and a popular choice for novice and experienced traders.