Today: French Voters Head to the Polls

We could have talked about many topics today. The Labour party said it will raise taxes for UK’s richest, Iran’s oil minister said Iran will agree to any decision OPEC makes regarding oil production cuts and President Trump… well, just take your pick. However, today all eyes will go to one nation and the decision it has to make.

The second round of the French Presidential Elections takes place today. In fact, the polls are already open and early risers are probably already casting their votes. While there is no doubt that the surveys give macron a clear advantage, it is important to keep in mind what the surveys said about the Brexit referendum… not to mention the US elections.

At about 12:00 noon today – France Time – the Interior Ministry is scheduled to release the 1st data of turnout. Who cares? Well, everyone. According to various estimations, the more voters stay home, the better the chances are for Le Pen. A second turnout update will be released at about 17:00.

By 20:00, all polls will be close and the counting will commence. Because polls outside major cities close an hour earlier, it is expected that preliminary results will be released almost instantly.

You can expect to hear estimations form both the Interior Ministry and various polling firms, but considering the latter hold posts across the country, their results might be, overall, a bit more accurate.

Unless the French presidential race is much closer than is predicted, even the early results should show a clear winner.

The importance of the French Elections is greater than dictating the next French leader. It is seen as an indications regarding the upcoming elections in the EU and could potentially affect the strength and stability of the monetary union. Are you excited? Stay informed, follow the news and stay ahead of the market.


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