Apple Reports Decreased iPhones Sales in Q2

Apple reported Q2 results this week and one of the main points was the decreasing iPhone sales. This is a major issue for a company that relies on this single product as a major source for sales and growth.

The conclusion is that the tech giant is now under pressure to produce another hit and many people wonder if the much-anticipated iPhone 8 will bring the company the boost it clearly needs.

Appel is facing growing competition from Samsung and many other tech companies around the globe. Now, it has to prove that it’s not simply reselling the same product in a new package, but to produce a device that is equipped with innovative – and even revolutionary – features, in order to tempt new clients, as well as to convince old clients to swap to upgrade.

It’s possible that potential clients have been postponing their shopping until they see the iPhone 8 – but only time will tell if this is actually the case.

So far, Apple shares have doing quite well this year – rising by over 17% [i] since the beginning of 2017. What will happen next and will the iPhone 8 live up to the expectations? Stay informed and take advantage of market volatility.

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