Google Held Its I/O Conference Yesterday

On Wednesday, Google started its annual I/O conference – that’s the conference it holds every year for developers. Led by CEO Sundar Pichai, the tech giant introduced many new products and developments. While most will sound like gibberish to us ordinary people, there were a few things that are quite interesting.

So, what did we learn?

Well, for starters, Google reported that its Android operating system is currently installed on a whopping 2 billion devices. Google is bringing fresh updates to YouTube, Android, Google Home and Google Assistant. It also added new services such as Google Lens, which can use smartphone cameras to recognize real objects. It can also take action according to what it sees.

Over 1 billion people are using Gmail on Android and iOS, and these folks could appreciate the ‘Smart Reply’ feature that can actually answer emails for them.

Then there’s a new feature to Photos called ‘Suggested Share’ that will remind you to share your very best photos with the people in them. Because really, Google, that’s what we all need: More people sharing their pics.

We did like the new Google for Jobs though, an app that assembles data from job posting sites, personalizes it and makes it much easier to search though. Of course, if you’re a full time online trader, it’s not much use but still – definitely a useful idea.

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