This is What the New iPhones Say about Apple…

They’re Adequate – But Is It Enough?

If we could sum up the new iPhones in three words, it would have to be “we expected better”. Even this though, isn’t much of a surprise. Over the past few years, Apple has been continuously accused of dishing up the same products in a new package. This is not to say we weren’t hoping for a dramatic new fad. The 10 year iPhone celebration could have been marked with a revolutionary device, but, alas, the new iPhones are nothing to write home about.

Don’t get us wrong – no one is saying that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are bad and we have little doubt that many people will pay for them. The facial recognition will be praised, and rightfully so. Loyal clients will upgrade, new clients will buy – but isn’t it time to bring something totally new to the table?

Apple isn’t going anywhere – it’s profitable and will remain profitable. However, there is no overlooking the fact that the company, once a young, revolutionary risk-taker has evolved into a responsible, mature adult. While this isn’t necessarily bad for shareholders and revenue, it could make some people wonder about the future of the tech giant. Can a take giant hold its position without moving forward? Without taking risks?

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