Toyota: No More Gas Powered Cars by 2040s

Is the Japanese Car Manufacturer Finally Going Green?


Toyota envisions emissions free vehicles by 2040 according to a statement made by Chief Safety Technology Officer Kiyotaka Ise. The announcement was made in a press conference at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show today on Thursday.

The Japanese car maker envisions zero diesel or gas engines in its vehicle lineup by as early as the 2040’s. This decision is part of a wider effort to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an ambitious 90% by the year 2050, their timeframe for ending the production of all fuel powered vehicles.

The target time-frame is on par with similar milestones set by other car manufacturers and coincides with restrictions that will be enforced by countries like the UK and France. Even China has jumped on the bandwagon committing to significantly reducing carbon emissions at a similar deadline.

This announcement does not necessarily mean that Toyota will manufacture electric-powered vehicles exclusively. After all, Toyota is among the least ambitious car makers in the electric vehicle space. Rather, Toyota has indicated that they will be considering several powertrain options that could include fuel cell or hybrid powered engines to customize the needs of different consumers throughout the globe.

Ise added that even in the 2040s and onward, internal combustion technology will still be implemented on engines for hybrid vehicles. However, he also added that utilizing internal combustion engines exclusively is unrealistic given the company’s ambitious improvements in their technology in hybrid powertrain options.

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