Twitter is a Powerful Political Tool, a Weak Business

Popularity Isn’t Everything

If there’s anything the US elections demonstrated is how popular Twitter has become among politicians, celebrities and policy-makers. The social platform is transforming into a powerful political tool, allowing people to spread their views and enabling public figures to engage in direct discourse with… well – with everybody.

The inauguration of the 45th President was live-streamed on Twitter surpassed 6.820 million unique views, breaking former records. This ought to be great news for Twitter, and yet the social platform continues to struggle as a business.

In 2016, Twitter shares dropped 27%. In order to change the trend, Twitter will need to answer three important questions:

  1. How can it monetize better, making more money from its popularity?
  2. Will Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, finally understand he can’t run two companies simultaneously?
  3. Can it find a buyer that will take it to the next level?

There is no question that Twitter has a substantial potential. Will it ever reach it – and how will 2017 look for Twitter shares? Learn how to invest in tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, in the form of CFDs and start taking advantage of market opportunities.



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