If it works for Mark Zuckerberg…

Mark Zuckerberg is a busy man. The 33-year-old runs Facebook, the social media giant with a market cap of $505.63 billion. While the tech CEO dedicates a ton of time to the company, Zuckerberg still makes the time to exercise, travel extensively, and spend time with his family. His daily routine, balancing work and personal priorities can teach us some tips on how to live our life better. Maybe just a little.

  1. Eliminate non-essential choices from your life.

Mark isn’t too picky about what he eats for breakfast. He’ll usually just dig into whatever he’s feeling that day. He doesn’t like to waste time on small decisions. That’s also why he wears the same thing almost every day. It’s also called “don’t sweat the small stuff”, so you can spend time thinking about important things, and can also help you progress, instead of lingering on events that, let’s face it, don’t really matter.

  1. Set goals, for everything.

When he’s not working, Zuckerberg spends some time expanding his mind. He’s learning Mandarin Chinese. He also tries to tackle as many books as he can — in 2015, he challenged himself to read a new book every two weeks. Setting goals instills us with the intention of completing them, and even failure to do so is preferable to not even trying. If you plan to catch the earlier bus today – set it as your goal.

  1. Balance work and life, for the long haul.

Whether he’s traveling or working, Zuckerberg also spends time with his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, and his daughter, Max. He took a two-month parental leave from Facebook after she was born in December 2015. That’s a no-briner we all seem to forget. Make sure to prioritize the important things in your life, and to give them the attention they need. It will give you the power to pursue your work or business goals.

Just look at Facebook’s performance over the past year, and decide if this CEO’s agenda and routine is something to mimic. For a simple, easy tip to improve your day, we recommend visiting the iFOREX blog on a daily basis.



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